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Systems Integration

Entreprise Resource Planning

Skills and Expertise

TESSERRACK has developed skills and built solutions in areas of Entreprise Resource Plannig,Solutions have been deployed in the Energy, Logistics and Healthcare markets. Contact us: TESSERRACK will certainly have suggestions to provide you with an additional competitive edge.

Enterprise Content Mangament

Content Management is a crucial component of all business initiatives today. Your core business can benefit from TESSERRACK's broad-ranging skills in the areas of Web Content Management, Document Management and Electronic Archives. To enable its customers to integrate unstructured information (including documents or parts thereof) in their e-business applications, TESSERRACK has developed its expertise in the domains of content management and electronic archiving systems. Solutions have been deployed in the Energy, Logistics and Healthcare markets.


TESSERRACK's growing expertise in both operational and analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) includes: defining your CRM strategy, implementing Marketing automation and contact management solutions, specific approaches for integrating all the customer enterprise data and developing customer intelligence solutions in many different domains. In collaboration with our partners, leaders of the market, we guarantee you the implementation of the best CRM solution with regards to your needs.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

TESSERRACK's expertise in Data Warehouse and Data Mart applications includes: designing architectures for these solutions, specific approaches for accessing large volumes of data and for data staging, multi-dimensional data modeling, implementing solutions for reporting, performance management , business process management, On-Line Analysis Processing (OLAP), customer intelligence, in many different domains.

Portals & Web design

Websites are now more than just brochureware. Dynamic content management, personalization, multi-channel publishing are state-of-the-art technologies for attractive websites.


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