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TESSERRACK brings to its customers a wide range of services and solutions in the area of enterprise-wide application integration:

Multi-channel Platform for e-Business

TESSERRACK implements state-of-the-art platforms for e-business based on:

Reusable components for business integration;
A flexible architecture to maximise evolution potential, allowing efficient multi-channel integration as well as tight connectivity with legacy systems;
An incremental approach to keep development and migration risks under close control.

Our wide expertise in software architecture and distributed systems combined with our strong methodology allows us to propose high-level consulting services in this area:

Architecture Scoping is a study to elaborate software architecture roadmaps for enterprises or large applications. The result is a concise management-oriented report that constitutes a strong decision basis for IT-Strategies. Scoping includes the overall technical solution, the implementation plan, timeframe, budget and risks. TESSERRACK has developed a straightforward standard method for scooping, which ensures fast and accurate results.
Architecture Assessment is an independent evaluation of complex software architecture and/or infrastructures. TESSERRACK has a proven methodology to carry out such studies, based on our first-hand experience in design and development of large-scale software systems as well as in supervision mandates.
Implementation of bespoke complex distributed systems

TESSERRACK offers all the services required for the implementation of large and complex distributed systems:

  • prototyping (feasibility study)
  • requirement analysis
  • design using modern OO methods (UML, RUP and others)
  • coding with state-of-the-art environments (J2EE and others)
  • integration
  • testing
  • deployment
  • training
  • maintenance


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