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Business Consulting

Over the last decade, information technology has evolved from a pure cost center to a powerful driver of business innovation and change. However, some companies obtain a high return from their IT investments while others barely break even.

Taking advantage of 10 years of experience in successful IT project management and the latest consulting best practices, we deliver services that contribute to the success of your IT projects and the business value created by them.

At the top, the corporate business strategy is declined in an IT strategy (e.g. project portfolio, archi­tecture, ser­vices, organization and governance).
Our added value is to leverage best practices across different industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, …

Business Solution Design & Requirements Engineering
A global business solution is elaborated (e.g. business process, user interface, functional and technical requirements).
Our added value is to have integrated solutions: ECM, Portal, B2B, B2C, CRM, Scorecard, Business Intelligence, …

Project & Test Management
Finally, a rigorous project management is necessary to face various challenges (as market pressures, agility needs, technical complexity and various stakeholders).



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