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Software Development

Distributed Systems

The e-world is heterogeneous and distributed. TESSERRACK has gained a wide expertise in implementing large distributed systems and provides a fast, successful and cost-effective approach to master your complex e-business projects.

Information Systems

Information systems have become an essential business support for an enterprise. As such, they must be targeted to the changes and innovations that inevitably and increasingly characterize business environments.

Information systems development represents TESSERRACK's core business:

  • Client/server applications implementation.
  • Database modeling and design.
  • Expertise using high productivity 4th generation tools.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) based on prototypes and software module deliveries.
  • Use of transactional monitors to ensure high performance and data volume.
  • Internet, intranet and extranet interfaces.

Components & Objects

We use object-oriented methods to ensure seamless communication between analysis, design and implementation. The corresponding state-of-the-art object-oriented tools help us master development complexity and allow for efficient refactoring. Object-oriented notations (e.g. "use cases") assist a meaningful dialogue between users and software engineers. We have extensive experience with component-based development techniques which enable re-use and provide solid yet highly flexible systems.

Process & Methodology

The key success factors of all our processes and methodologies are transparency, proactive risk management and know-how capitalization.

  • Transparency is the central point of our project organization and reporting. It is the customer's guarantee that TESSERRACK is doing its utmost in achieving quality, deadline and budget.
  • Risk management is an essential task of our project leaders from the tender to the end of the project, it is embedded in our planning and reporting by introducing reserve and buffers.
  • Project management is one of our most valuable know-how and therefore, our knowledge is capitalized in TESSERRACK's training, methodology and Intranet portal.


Our wide expertise in software architecture and distributed systems combined with our strong methodology allows us to propose high-level consulting services in this area.

In particular, we are specialised in services such as architecture scoping and architecture assessment.

Offshore Development


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