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Requirements Engineering

Generally speaking, bad solution specifications is one of the top 3 reasons why IT projects fail.

To prevent this risk, TESSERRACK's specifications approach is

  • Participative since all parties concerned by the future system should be involved.
    Iterative in order to optimize the needs definition progressively in terms of quality and added value.
    This process is built around the following four main activities :
  • Elicit or obtain all needs from stakeholders
    Analyse needs to verify their contribution to the main goals and consider the technological impacts.
    Document needs rigorously and unambiguously
    Validate the specifications to ensure all stakeholders agree the document is consistent and comprehensive.
  • This pragmatic approach is founded on best practices stemming from 40 years experience in development, integration and business in general as well as from state of the art software engineering and IT process (CMMI, Hermes, RUP, agile methods).

TESSERRACK offers you :

Highly-skilled consultants, experienced in solving Requirements Engineering, Process Mapping and User eXperienced issues, backed by technical and business experts
Successful approaches built on best practices
Focus on added value, efficiency and implementation risk prevention.


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