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IT Strategy

The corporate IT strategy defines the general use and role of IT in the company or organisation. In particular, it defines the alignment of business and information technology use, the design of the IT architecture and the delivery of IT-services.

The content of an IT strategy can be visualized in a hierarchic way:

When elaborating an IT strategy it is important to take into account all stakeholders interests into account, to link needs of the business to possi­bilities of information technology and to proceed in a methodically profound way.

At TESSERRACK, you get skilled and experienced strategists who help you in elaborating:

Global IT Strategy
Thematic strategy - ECM, Portal, B2B, CRM, BI
IT gouvernance, portfolio management, service management
Target architecture - business, application, data technical and security
Custom-Tailored answer depending on your industry, such as Energy, Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Education


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