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Process & Methodology

Our customers by complying with our commitments in terms of quality, deadline and budget,
Our project team by setting clear and realistic objectives and giving the right coaching,
Our shareholders through the profitability.
Therefore, key success factors are transparency, proactive risk management and know-how capitalization.

Transparency is the central point of our project organization and reporting. It is the customer's guarantee that TESSERRACK is doing its utmost in achieving quality, deadline and budget. As a high quality system is not the final goal, TESSERRACK pays a lot of attention to change management, communication and training in order to bring a real added value to our customers.

Risk management is an essential task of our project leaders from the tender to the end of the project. Risk assessment is embedded in our planning and reporting by introducing reserve and buffers.

Project management is one of our most valuable know-how and therefore, our knowledge is capitalized in TESSERRACK's training, methodology and Intranet portal. Moreover, our best practices deal with specific topics like: How to break down the complexity of very large projects? How to maintain motivation by a rhythm? How to manage a time-to-market project? Focus on delay or budget, what is the impact? How to manage a development team distributed on several locations?


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