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Enterprises rely increasingly on information technology (IT) to deliver mission critical data and services in order to compete successfully in the marketplace. The two biggest challenges in doing so are time and cost.

These two issues can be addressed by TESSERRACK's technology frameworks, a set of cooperating frameworks with state-of-the-art technologies, basic services and best practices. A typical software application consists of 70 percent framework logic and 30 percent individual business logic. By providing robust and well-proven architecture/technology frameworks, TESSERRACK enables cost-effective implementations of enterprise-wide model-based systems with a highly configurable, parameter-based work process for individual business logic. The benefits in terms of time and cost are considerable.

All of TESSERRACK's technology frameworks address major software quality issues such as scalability, reusability, easy deployment, robustness and interoperability. They are optimized to integrate existing information technology solutions (legacy systems) enabling seamless processes and access to information across the enterprise value chain.



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