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Business Solution Design

Generally speaking, bad solution design is one of the top 3 reasons why IT projects fail. The problems caused are usually:

  • Usage difficulties - The system is neither adapted to the work processes nor to the real needs, causing inefficiencies, errors and frustrations.
  • Unexplored benefits - The objectives fixed are not attained often due to the ignorance and under usage of the potential that technology offers.
  • Overspend - The business needs are not controlled and change and increase continuously.
  • Integration difficulties - The non-functional needs in terms of performance, interfaces, operations, legal requirements are often neglected.
  • Thus, in order to design a useful, used and usable solution, our methodology combines 3 levels of analysis:

At TESSERRACK, you get skilled and experienced consultants in:

  • Process Improvement: Process mapping, re-engineering, scorecard, change management
  • User experience: Web design, B2C, Man-Machine Interface
  • Requirements Engineering: Customer Requirement Document (CMMI), Request for Proposal, UML


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